Who are you!!!

Who are you!! This was the question my friend asked me yesterday when I told him about my new blog. Of course he knows who am I, we are friends for more than 15 years now, but he meant who are you in terms of work experience. When did you become an expert in entrepreneurship? How many companies you started before?That’s so true, who am I!!!

I hate it when people pretend they are experts and give training courses about subjects they have no personal work experience with. They give you lectures in marketing and social media just because they read a couple of books and a bunch of blogs!! I used to make jokes on these people, and now I feel I’m one of them, writing about entrepreneurship and my experience as an entrepreneur is less than one year!!! How did I became one of them!! I have no idea!!

Don’t freak out, I’ll not stop writing in this blog. But, I want to make it clear to everyone that most of the posts I’m writing are not based in my personal experience. The things I’ll write are just my own opinion and they are open for discussion, sometimes I’ll be right and other times I’ll probably be wrong. Many of my thoughts are based on books, blogs and articles I read from great thinkers in the startup world, for example:

1- Steve Blank   2- Eric Ries   3- Fred Wilson       4- Brad Feld      5-Vinod Khosla

I also had some good experience as a co-founder of a startup that successfully raised a seed funding round and was part of an incubator in Spain (the incubator is called Wayra). I also experienced the up and downs of starting a company with an international team before ending up back in Kuwait with a new startup I called fishfishme.com 🙂

OK, I’m glad we made everything clear. So in short, it’s true that I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and I read a lot about it, but this doesn’t make me an expert. I’ll write things that I think will be useful for people, but please leave a comment if you disagree or if I’m just talking non-sense. That was the purpose of the blog in the first place, for all of us to learn from each other.
At the end, I want to remind everyone that anyone can post in this blog, just contact me at StartupQ8@gmail.com.

All best,

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  1. this is a great blogs from the few posts i saw u r doing well. I am glad there is someone who wants to help develop a startup ecosystem in Kuwit. the country is wealth and have the resources to fund any initiative which is a plus.

    Good job

    • Hi Gaith,

      It’s such an honor to hear these kind words from you, I’m a big fan of your great Arabcrunch blog. I have much to learn from you, I’ll try to get in touch with you if you don’t mind. Thanks again 🙂

  2. I appreciate your time and efforts for writing up such a great executive Summary. Just to give you some insights, I have been into different startup weeks such as Startup Chile, Wayra ( Telfoncia startup accelerator ) while I was studying my MBA at IE busniess school, Madrid, in Spain.

    All of these Incubators have their own issues and problems, i.e in the case of startup Chile business model ,most of the time entrepreneurs are in short of cash to accelerate these startups after getting shaped, however great Ideas out of any event have always secured a good amount of seed fund from different business angels.

    I totally agree with you that $6 billion or whatever is going to go in VAIN, but there will be some good outcome in terms of people who become independent and that’s normal to reach the maturity of this new era “ STARTUP” spicily here in GCC

    Finally, I would like you to know that I am doing Startup weeks for Gulf countries and the upcoming one will be in Kuwait 4th March , so join us if you like

    • Hi Nada,

      Thanks for you great comment. You touched many interesting points over here, are you coming to the event this Wednesday? We defiantly need to talk about many stuff, plz let me know.


  3. Very inspiring

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  5. Great article. I never thought about the key benefits of disagreeing! Youre right though, that people rarely disagree in a very respectful way. If youre not respectful, chances are that your comment is not approved or deleted

  6. As for me it is a really good point of view. I meet people who rather say what they suppose others want to hear. Good and well written! I will come back to your site for sure

  7. One of the best writing skill. I will sail more to startupq8
    Spare a few minutes of your time to photocbe.com

  8. Wayne

     /  March 6, 2015

    why is it so hard to add contact from sent e-mail???


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