What AllBud Users Look For in Strains?

AllBud utilizes third party statistics from Google Analytics to monitor in aggregate how our users navigate our site. This data helps us determine what areas we need to develop and can also be useful for cultivators, medical dispensaries, and just general knowledge. Today, we look at what AllBud.com users look for in strains and what symptoms they look to alleviate.

First, here’s a bit of background about the AllBud.com user. As you can see from the charts below, the majority of the AllBud.com users are male at 67% with 33% female. The largest age group using the site is age 25 to 34 although all the age groups are covered from 25 to 65+.

Now let’s take a look at what these users, based on data from September are looking for in strains:

Overall, AllBud users look to relieve symptoms two times more than certain effects. Although this is interesting information, it should be noted that AllBud users are a mix of both medicinal and recreational cannabis users.