Tucson Dispensaries Featured in AllBud’s Tucson Weekly Ad

The AllBud marketing team is having a blast with their tag line “Find Your Kind”. Using the play on words, the marketing team has created fun and educational word find activities in the form of stickers, dispensary waiting room fill-outs, and now AllBud’s first Tucson Weekly Ad as well coming out on Thursday August 28th.

The Tucson Weekly Ad as seen below embeds all 13 Tucson-Area dispensaries into the word find to encourage patients to learn about what each dispensary has to offer medical marijuana patients. All thirteen Tucson-area medical marijuana stores are highly rated by AllBud Users which is a testament to how well run the local programs are.

Ten of the thirteen are located directly in Tucson and can be found on AllBud here:
Tucson Dispensaries

Desert Bloom (4.7 AllBud Rating with 23 votes)
Earth’s Healing (4.7 AllBud Rating with 23 votes)
Purple Med (4.0 AllBud Rating with 12 votes)
Nature Med (5.0 AllBud Rating with 9 votes)
The Downtown Dispensary (4.3 AllBud Rating with 19 votes)
Bloom Dispensary (3.7 AllBud Rating with 10 votes)<
The Prime Leaf (4.4 AllBud Rating with 13 votes)
SAINTS (4.4 AllBud Rating with 12 votes)

The other two are located in Rio Rico, Sahuarita, and Oro Valley:

Green Med Wellness in Rio Rico (4.0 AllBud Rating with 9 votes)
Catalina Hills Care in Oro Valley (4.8 AllBud Rating with 6 votes)

Many of the Tucson area dispensaries have their menus listed on AllBud.com as well as their new patient specials. Soon, patient reviews will also be released providing more first hand information about these Southern Arizona Dispensaries.