Get Listed in Kuwait’s Largest Startup Resource Directory

Are you a web or an app developer? A designer? A business advisor? A lawyer? An investor?

Are you interested in offering your services to startups but don’t know how to reach them? Well how about you let them find you instead? 

As active members of the startup community in Kuwait we realize how fragmented the market is. We always hear great ideas from people who can’t find the right technical team to build the product. We also know people who have amazing apps and websites but have no clue how to monetize it. So we decided to take action, by connecting people and helping them build awesome startups!

As a first step we are launching a Start Up Resource Directory, a compilation of all local services available for startups. Think of it as a bridge between your SME (or if you’re a big company that caters to the needs of startups we will still include you) and the entrepreneurs looking for your services. Covering a large array of sectors, including web development, finance & funding, angel investors, venture capitalists, marketing and branding, mobile development, graphic design, HR, accounting and advisory, the Start Up Resource Directory has all you need to connect with more clients. Now is your chance to be part of the largest directory in Kuwait. To sign up your company and build your profile, please visit this link and build your company’s page before the deadline of April 20th. There will also be a print copy published of the directory to further increase visibility and awareness. So don’t miss out!



Who the heck are we?

Sirdab Lab is created by a bunch of people who are passionate about entrepreneurship, shared learning and building successful startups. We provide entrepreneurs with a community, a co-working space and access to the highest caliber mentor and network.  

Still wanna know more?

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2nd StartupQ8 Event Summary

The 2nd StartupQ8 event was amazing. Many people showed up, the speakers did great and the venue was awesome. Part of the deal with Wamda is to post the summary of the StartupQ8 event exclusively in Below is the introduction of the post and you can continue reading the post in Wamda’s blog:

“The startup scene in Kuwait is gaining momentum. On the 7thof November we had the 2nd StartupQ8 event and it was a lot of fun. Over 50 people showed up to debate and discuss new topics, and one of the best aspects- aside from the fun debates- was the diversity of the people. We had people from Kuwait, India, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, Poland and if you include one of our speakers, I’ll add the US. We focused on methodologies like The Lean Startup, and even discussed what Kuwait can learn from Ghana……………To continue reading please click here

Below are some more photos from the event, the videos must come later in another post:

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