StartupQ8 Event

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What is StartupQ8 Event?

It’s a monthly event that is divided into four parts:

1- A lesson about something related to startups and entrepreneurship.

2- An interview with someone from another country on how to build a healthy Startup Ecosystem.

3- An interview and Q&A with a Startup, usually from Kuwait.

4- Networking.

That doesn’t mean we are going to stick with this structure forever!! We are open to change things and test new stuff. Just Let us know.

What’s our goal?

To help in building the next one billion dollar company.

Why do you want to help in building the next one billion dollar company?

We believe that if we had one super successful startup then this will start a cycle to create more and more successful startups. Thus, creating more jobs, more sustainable economy and a better place to live for everyone. To understand more about this concept and how to reach this goal please read this post.

What type of organization is StartupQ8?

Good question, actually we don’t know!! We are not a company nor an official organization. We are just a bunch of people that loves entrepreneurship and startups. It’s a non-for-profit organization and no one makes money out of it. By the way, everyone can contribute and join the event organizing team, just let us know that you are interested to join the movement by dropping us an email at

For any feedback or suggestions or anything just fillin the form below.

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