Holiday Gifts For That Special Cannabis Gal

The right marijuana related gift can bring a smile to your favorite cannabis-loving lady in your life. We know that shopping isn’t always easy for all guys, so the ladies have come up with a few of our favorites and categorized them for easy decision-making. Shopping time is running out, so be sure not to wait too long as many products are only available online.

Marijuana Hair Accessories:
Hair accessories can provide just the right subtle cannabis touch. They are perfect for the woman who pro-cannabis, but maybe might not want to flaunt it blatantly. Our two picks are:

  • Marijuana Bud Peacock Feather Headband
    Price: $50
    Available at:

  • Marijuana Hair Pins with Rhinestone
    Price: $20
    Available at:

Cannabis Clothes:
Cannabis clothing is a good gift for that avid pro-marijuana activist who doesn’t mind debating anyone who gives them that weird look. Here are some of our girly favorites.

  • Pot Leaf Knee High Socks
    Price: $12.99
    Available at:

  • Marijuana Leggings
    Price: $9.86
    Available at:

Intimate Marijuana Apparel:
Incorporating marijuana into some cute or sexy intimate apparel can for sure spice up the night. These are great for that secret cannabist activist who can cover up their love for the bud with clothes, but let it all out later on. If you have access, don’t forget the newest lines of THC sex oils too.

  • Bong & 4:20 Hipster Panties
    Price: $8.50
    Available at:

  • Glittering Green Pot Leaf Cannabis Pasties
    Price: $9.99
    Available at:

For the Cannabis Chef:
Does your favorite gal love to cook with cannabis? Then check out some of these gifts.

  • Homegrown Cookin’ Apron
    Price: $19.95
    Available at:

  • Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter
    Price: $8.66
    Available at:

  • Stoner’s Delight Cookbook
    Price: $9.99
    Available at:

Marijuana Accessories:
Of course if that special someone is a patient or living in a recreational state, the newest devices like a concentrate pen, glass cannabis containers, or high quality grinders are always welcome gifts. Most recreational stores or medical marijuana dispensaries sell these accessories, but they are also available online from many sources.

Happy Shopping!