Could Florida See Medical Marijuana Approval in 2016?

We’re closing in on half of the states in the country having legal medical marijuana, and the trend seems to be gaining steam. Florida might actually be the next state that makes it legal. However, it’s had a difficult time of actually passing. Last year, it received an approval from 57% of the voters in Florida. However, it actually needed to have 60% to be able to pass. Missing it by 3% was devastating for those who needed to have marijuana to help them with their conditions.

Chances are very good that it will actually pass in 2016, as there is certainly change in the air across the country. People are seeing that legalization of marijuana for medical use causes plenty of good for patients and for the economy. Still, there is currently strong opposition in the state. If the voting public does not get out in record numbers, there is the chance that it could fail again. The winds are changing though, and even if it doesn’t pass in 2016, it will eventually pass. It’s the way the country is headed, and that’s a very good thing. It would simply be nice if those who were suffering could get the help they needed now.