Can Medical Marijuana Really Help Children In Need?

One of the subjects that have been coming up quite a bit over the past few years is whether the use of medical marijuana could help children who are suffering from debilitating diseases and conditions.
It doesn’t mean parents are trying to get their children to smoke or use edibles. It’s not about recreation, and that’s the part that sometimes seems the most difficult to get through the heads of those who oppose the use. It’s about improving the quality of life for these poor children who are suffering. The use of oils from the plant can provide the same effects. Hemp oil has been very useful for treating children who have neurological disorders such as epilepsy. Others are using strains of marijuana high in cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive ingredient. Users don’t feel high. They just feel better.

In 2014, a young girl in New York named Anna Conte passed away due to complications with the severe seizures she suffered. She would have hundreds of seizures each day. Medical marijuana, or hemp oil, could have helped to prevent this. Even though NY recently allowed the use of medical marijuana, the laws take time to go fully into effect. Already, two other children suffering from the same condition have passed away. The time for change is now, not later. There needs to be a faster way to get help for those who truly need it right now.

Doctors who have used this type of treatment on their patients have remarked on how well it seems to work. The states that have not yet passed medical marijuana legislation need to take the time to look into these types of cases and they need to talk with professionals from other states who have used them successfully.