5 Popular Cannabis Strains for Amazing Sex

When it comes to the area of sex and pleasure marijuana is something that has been helping people enjoy this experience for centuries. It is not a new concept for people to consume marijuana before or after sex. In fact, studies today say that consuming marijuana before intimate times with that special someone is a great way to increase the amount of sexual pleasure you will experience.

It’s not that smoking marijuana or the marijuana itself is going to actually lead you to having sex or becoming aroused, it’s just that it makes the experience more comfortable. Individuals who consume marijuana find themselves to be in a more relaxed state of mind and even having more energy when it comes to getting naughty. Sativa strains of cannabis help people who need a little boost where as a good Indica strain will help someone who is a little more nervous. Check out these five strains if you are looking to say do a little dance, make a little love and get down tonight.

  1. Skunk #1 is an old-school favorite! This is a parent plant to an unlimited amount of cannabis strains today. If you have ever had the pleasure of getting your hands on some of this one you will know it is the best of the best. You can smell it before somebody even brings it into the room. If you’re looking to have a little fun in the sheets, then this strain of cannabis is a winner. However, it is suggested to avoid oral sex because this strain will give you cottonmouth making the task a little difficult.
  2. FLO is a strain of cannabis that will make love to your mouth. This incredibly flavorful strain brought to you courtesy of DJ short will without a doubt put a smile on your mouth while making your taste buds water. Flo will relax the body and let the mind wonder with creativity making for an enhanced sexual experience.
  3. Asian Fantasy is an exotic strain of cannabis that is hard to find but makes as many say the “best vacation sex we ever had”. It is a rare sativa that not only relaxes the body but leaves you feeling supercharged and full of energy.
  4. Skywalker is another delectable Indica dominant strain. This hybrid is a true relaxer. You might say it helps you tone your ability to become one with the force. A combination of Mazar and Blueberry Skywalker provide relaxation and flirtation when you need it most.
  5.  And last but not least the do that you do could be done that much better with a sativa strain called voodoo! If you’re looking to perhaps bring another partner into the bedroom, then Voodoo is a great strain to help you do what you do and spice up the pleasures.

No amount of smoking cannabis will ever make somebody have intercourse with you but when you have that special someone or even that one night stand that you’re ready to have a passionate go with try blazing beforehand for an amazing experience!