New Blog in Town

There is a new blog in the block called Its a mix of news (Tech and non-tech) and thought sharing platform in Arabic and English started by a good friend Ali Al Nusif and his co-founder Jasim Al Qames. Below is a better description about what the blog is about by Ali:

Open is an open blogging and aggregation bi-lingual thought platform. It aims to bring interesting thoughts from individual contributors to create thought provoking conversations among the connected generation, while also bringing interesting articles from all over the world that caters to the interests of the smart reader providing insight and context to a lot of issues happening around us in the world.
The idea came about while noticing that there is no platform that chronicles the interests and thoughts of the connected generation in the Arab world. Websites are usually news and politics websites, while there are hardly any that talk about how we feel, think, and what our interests are.
We believe that we’re going through exciting times. We are living the information revolution that is changing our lives in one of the most vibrant and changing parts of the world; the Middle East. We think that a platform like Open would allow us to capture the essence of this amazing era through the thoughts and interests of its generation.
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