UX Designer Responsibilities (Part 1) – Intro to User Experience

This is a post by our new contributor Mahmoud Ilyan. Mahmoud is a UX designer I met when he was working with CarpoolArabia.com in Dubai. He has a good eye for UX/UI and most importantly he understands people and the latest technology that makes the user experience better. At the end of the post you’ll find more personal info about him. Welcome Mahmoud! 


In recent years the demand for UX designers has increased, and its still increasing more and more, companies are putting more attention to it.

Why it is so important?

Back in the early days of software market engineers and product managers were taught to believe that the full features software is the sign that the software is worth to buy which will make features a competitive advantage between softwares available in the market, this was true because there weren’t so many people putting software products on the market, which will leave the user with no choice only to use the complex product that is available now.

However, time has changed and the software products market has grown which make the user want to choose between so many products with the same features, and because of that people don’t want to learn how to use complex products and they are always after the simplest and intuitive solution.

Take a look at some of the large companies now like Apple, Samsung,  Facebook, Google, Microsoft, …the main competitive advantage between them is the Customer’s User Experience.

What is User Experience and what goes into user experience?

how much joy of use I would get while I am checking my email in my smartphone?, and did I reach my goal to save more money after using my online saas accounting service,… all these kinds of questions the UX designer would play a role in answering them, so lets take a more deep look in the UX definition and what are the components of it.

User Experience: is the totality of the effect or effects felt by a user as a result of interaction with, and the usage context of a system, device, or product, including the influence of usability,usefulness, and emotional impact during interaction and savoring the memory after interaction.

as you can see from the definition above user experience is more than usability, usability factors such as ease of use,efficiency and learnability are still very important in all products but are not enough.

Usability, Usefulness, Functionality, and Emotional Impact are components of user experience and should be considered by the user experience designer from his first day working on building the product, and for more clarity lets take a look at each of them and then go to the process of user experience design.

Usability: The pragmatic component of user experience including effectiveness, efficiency,productivity, ease-of-use, learnability, retainability, and the pragmatic aspects of user satisfaction.

Usefulness: The component of user experience to which system functionality gives the ability to use the system or product to accomplish the  goals.

Functionality:  The power to do work seated in the non-user-interface computational features and capabilities.

Emotional Impact: Affective component of user experience that influence user feelings, and it includes such effects as pleasure, fun, joy of use, aesthetic, desirability,..etc and appeal and can involve deeper emotional factors such as self-expression, self-identity, a feeling of contribution to the world and pride of ownership.

Professional User Experience designer consider in their mind while they’re working these components, but what is the process and guidelines for ensuring this.

UX Process

UX Process


In the figure above you will see five steps to release the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or first release and the other steps (6,7) are for refining the product.

In the next articles of this series I will explain how to implement each step and what is the goal to achieve from each step.

Mahmoud is a UI-UX Designer & Front-end web developer from Palestine. He turns ideas and complex problems into products that are simple and pleasurable to use, He also works as an outsourcing partner to companies across the globe. 
Mahmoud is also interested in Entrepreneurship, Startups, Innovation,Philosophy, Music and Swimming.
His social accounts:
linkedin: ae.linkedin.com/in/mahmoudilyan
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