Memorize the secret code before it’s too late!

If you are watching the world cup then I’m sure you saw this sign below:

The secret code

I always wondered what’s this code and what does it mean, and no one seems to have an answer! After doing lots of thinking and connecting the dots I believe I found the explanation for this secret code.

This code is sent by aliens and they will come later in the near future and conquer the world. They will ask you one question “what’s the code?” If you don’t know the answer they will kill you or keep you as a slave, if you know it then you are safe. They send these signs in global events were everyone in the world is watching, so that there are no excuses. You better memorize them before it’s too late!

alien signsThe old alien signs, not effective anymore

Thats my explanation, if you have a better one let me know!

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  1. This is the code to prevent piracy of channels, its a way to identify the feed to a particular card (called “fingerprinting”).

    As it is unique to your card and your receiver, you should immediately remove/mask the code from your screen grab, otherwise your card may get blocked.

  2. Yeah I always thought it’s their means to prevent piracy (there’s always something like it every World CUp/Euro etc), but I’ll take your alien invasion theory :-p

  3. What a funny way to ask a question! Build a doubtful story around it and ask people to comment! that’s creative! LoL 🙂

  4. Hebah

     /  July 12, 2014

    This is amazing.


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