What is SEO? – Podcast

This is our latest podcast. I made some changes according to the feedback I got from the previous post. The podcast is now in English and I covered SEO (was shocked that people liked the AdWords podcast). OK, hope you’ll like it:

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  1. The main image in the Top 10 Destinations post is 1.46 MB :O It took time to load, doesn’t this effect the index badly? It should be really easy to make it 200 KB or less even.

    • OK should be fixed now, can you give it a try and see if it’s better now? Thanks,

      • Great! It’s super fast, and went up from third to second result on google with the same terms I used yesterday. Not sure if that’s related 😀

  2. Oh that’s right!! we just changed the photos and forgot about that actually!! Need to fix it. Good catch

  3. Salaam

    The podcast was great Abudullah, more so, now that it’s in English. It will be interesting to see what your guests will have to share in the next episode. Keep up the great work with your useful information.

    SEO is one of the fundamental concepts of being successful in the online world, it’s so important that people know about it well. Also, it’s interesting to know that you recorded it while driving which is rather creative (the indicator and the horn :).



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