StartupQ8 Podcasts, are they good or bad?

During last month I started a new podcast called StartupQ8, you can hear it in Soundcloud (either on your desktop, iphone or andriod device). You can find all of the podcasts here ().

I made the podcasts in Arabic and targeted to Kuwait so that it spread more in Kuwait and the GCC regions, especially since we had everything in English since we started 2 years ago.

I want to hear your opinion about these podcasts, are they good or bad? Should I do them in English or Arabic? Should I continue or stop?

I’m getting very little listeners, some podcasts had 2 listens only and I’m probably one of them!! Just saying, maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe Soundcloud is the problem.

Below is the 2nd podcast (I made 7 podcasts in total so far):

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  1. Alright I just listened to all of them and here’s my feedback:

    1. Sound quality

    Excellent; for what seems to be an IPhone recording (I’m assuming?) it’s loud and clear and there are no dips in volume associated with moving the phone etc. Great job!

    2. Your tone

    Very good. You hit the conversational tone very well for a solo-podcast without guests.

    3. Length

    Good for a solo podcast and as a test. You know I’m biased towards podcasts so I’m used to listening to 2+ hours per episode sometimes but the format you’re working with works well with this length. In the future though I’m guessing when you host guests the format and the length would be different :).

    4. Content
    Great as an opener for those who didn’t read the blog since some of the topics are similar to what you covered at the beginning in the blog. I can see that it’s getting into newer content like in episode #7. Keep it up!

    Excellent work overall and keep up the good work! I’m gonna try to keep listening to those as they come!

    P.S: Commitment = إلتزام? :-p

  2. Salaam Abdullah, how have you been? Hope you’re doing great. I thought I should fill you in.

    The point to know about the internet is that anybody can get discovered at anytime in anyway for anything. With that said, I feel that your podcasts should be in English, one of the most significant benefits of that will be more traction from many parts of the world and it’s very obvious that the internet is majorly accessible to these areas (not saying the middle east lags behind).

    Since you’re covering interesting topics such as funding, building the Team, etc., these subjects are bound to attract all kinds of people. If you’ll only keep it to Arabic, then it’s also a fact that Arabic isn’t spoken all over the world. With English, even if they aren’t well versed in it, they’ll still have an idea of what you’re talking about.

    As far as your niche is concerned, I’d say; don’t worry about it because who wouldn’t like fishing tours, seriously? A global audience is far better than a limited one, right?


  3. I just remembered I need to follow the soundcloud account… Was wondering where the podcasts were!

    In any case, I’m personally loving them, and was blown away by the AdWords power. That is the biggest plus, you cover real world cases, and things we are seeing/can use today.

    I can’t really think of things I don’t like, lol. I just love it, and it’s really useful.

    • Thanks for the kind words, didn’t know that the adwords episode would be good, I though it was the worst between the others. i have so many other technical and deep episodes lined up, will do them soon insha allah, ramadan mubarak 🙂


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