Q&A with Abbas Al-Mohri

Ahead of our event, we sat with Abbas Al-Mohri for a quick Q&A on patents and intellectual property. To learn more, please come to the StartupQ8 Event tomorrow (Monday June 9th, 6:15 PM):

We hear about numerous legal cases in Intellectual Property, what’s the importance?
Intellectual property is not only about protecting someone’s work, and fighting people who steal it. It’s about generating millions of dollars of revenues out of it. There is an estimated $180 billion of revenues annually just coming from patent licensing.
Patents are the hot topic in the region nowadays, what’s your take on it?
Patents, and intellectual property in general, are the core foundation of new enterprises willing to make a change, and improve people’s lives. The more entrepreneurs take the initiative of starting their business, the more intellectual property laws will come into play to protect their ideas and innovations.
Can software developers protect their valuable work?
Yes, indeed. There are two main ways for them to protect their work. In some cases, copyright laws can be enforced to protect their work. In others, utility patents come handy.
Would intellectual property concern graphic designers and artists?
As a matter of fact: Yes! Patents and other IP laws seem to be protecting engineers and innovators, but it’s not the reality. Virtually any person has intellectual work that he or she has done, and there are laws to protect those works.

See you Monday!

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