The coolest startups I met at Blackbox

As you might know from my previous post last March we spent two weeks in Palo Alto, CA with another 15 startups (the full list is here as well) . Below are the ones that I think will be millionaires anytime soon.


Paula (from Italy) and Bengu (from Turkey) used to work together at Youtube  before quitting their job and starting buzzmyvideos. Their startup helps you get more viewers to your Youtube channel and help you make more money. For example if you have 1,000 views in one video, they will share it through their network and will reach 10,000 views in one week. What they also do they will run advertisement in your videos of brands related to your videos. The revenue that comes from this video will be shared with you, with youtube and buzzmyvideos.

Check their website to better understand their model. Buzzmyvideos is great for individuals, bloggers or companies that want to monetize their youtube channels, and also great for brands that want to get more exposure in Youtube.


2-    Tooki Taki

This is one of the most complicated and geeky startups we had, yet one of the most promising. Abhishek was a previous employee at Google and Morgan Stanley and genius in numbers. What Tooki-Taki do is simply increase the performance of banner ads without breaching users privacy (they don’t use cookies). I don’t want to dig deeper in how it works, but in short the company is less than 2yrs old, but already running millions of dollars of ads through their platform.

Tooki Taki works closely with big brands to increase the performance of their online banner ads.


3-    Merisier

Is a smart gifting startup. They help brands and individuals to select the best gift for their customers and love ones. They worked with companies such Volkswagen, Lufthansa and Audi to find the best gift using software that predicts gifts based on the personality of the person. The co-founders Anna and Marc are from Germany and seems they built something that no one thought of before that have tremendous value for both businesses and individuals.


4-    Internavenue

Dupsy Abiola was the most famous founder between us. Yes, she was like a celebrity being one of the best preformers in the famous british show Dragns Den (watch her episode here). What do is connecting big companies with fresh graduates pursuing an internship. Her startup removes the hustle from finding an intern. It’s doing really well in the UK and planning an expansion to the US soon.


5-    Band Square

This is a smart and fun startup. They help you bring the best singer or band to your home city. This is how it works, let’s say you want to bring Kings of Leon to Kuwait. You start a campaign that I want to bring the Kings to Kuwait, then they will start the campaign and start selling the tickets and announce the campaign to help you reach the minimum number of tickets. In this case, Kings of Leon will agree to come to Kuwait if 20,000 tickets are sold. Then you’ll work to sell these tickets and reach this minimum and Bandsquare will help you with that. If you succeeded everyone wins and you’ll probably get a free ticket for initiating the campaign.

Chloe the co-founder from France used to work at Universal (the huge music company) then quite her job to do Bandsqaure after realizing that bands and singers make most of their money from live concerts and many people want a despite to have these singers in their cities.


6-    Integreight (the famous product is 1sheeld)


This is an Egyptian startup that I’m very proud of. Amr and Islam are part of flat6 accelerator program in Cairo and they are building an amazing hardware startup. They ran a campaign in Kickstarter and got 800% more than what they tried to raise for. Check their video below to learn what they do:

Yes, it’s a very cool gadget for geeky hobbyist.


The rest of the startups are also very inspiring and I’m sure they will all do great, and if I had money I’d would invest on all of them. I list the rest of the startups below:


7-   Smsall

8-   Fraqick

9-   Vivid

10- Sponseasy

11- Beanworks




15-Malang Studio

16- Fishfishme

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  1. That’s pretty awesome!! You know, whenever I see fresh graduate and interns, I remember Kuwait Fund. I think they will be thrilled to hear about InternAvenue 😀


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