A Q&A with the founders of Taqsima

As the date of the next StartupQ8 Event approaches, we did a couple of quick Q&A’s with the two startup teams we will be showcasing. Here’s what the founders of Taqsima had to say:

* How do you remember your experience from last year’s StartupWeekend?

Startup Weekend was a very unique experience. It was very satisfying seeing what we accomplished in less than 60 hours of work. It made us realize just how valid creating and starting up a business is when you meet the right people who share the same dedication and ambition. Even realizing that there are people who are willing to push for a startup community. That in itself was great encouragement for us.


* When did you realize that the app was viable commercially?

Generally speaking, if there is a need for a service or product then it is viable commercially. Prior to Startup Weekend we have often faced problems organizing and playing football. At Startup Weekend participants were very vocal about the persistent issues with organizing football matches. We received some great feedback and suggestions. This further fortified our confidence that our service is needed. Following that is just a matter of business planning and deciding what model to adopt to fund and monetize the project.


* What are the challenges that you faced while building the the app?

Due to how common and widespread the problem is we are sure that we are not the only ones who thought of programming an app that helps organize football matches. Learning how to differentiate ourselves from others while retaining good value was our first challenge. From a technical standpoint, because everything is made in-house, we had a few issues learning the ropes. Just a few hiccups here and there, but we learned from our mistakes quickly and never stopped.


* What was your experience forming the team and working together? How are decisions made within the team?

We believe diversity in skills and knowledge was fundamental to forming the team. With a team of only three people we had to cover a very wide skill set while having basic knowledge of the other members’ key skills. This basic knowledge helps us with communication between the members in their scope of work while avoiding unrealistic expectations from each other. Regarding decisions, there is no hierarchy in our team. We all have to agree on the direction we are going. When ideas are in conflict we have to convince each other until we reach a mutual agreement, usually ending up with an innovative solution that neither of us could have achieved alone.


* How do you see the startup evolving in terms of product roadmap and regional reach?

We defined our direction and planned out our phases before approaching most of our technical work. We set expansion plans both vertically and horizontally within the infrastructure of the app and moved steadily. If our business develops to reach the milestones we are aiming for we will be confident in pursuing regional and gradually international reach.

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