Startup Chile is Coming to Dubai

You already know by now how much I love StartupChile (you can read my posts about Startup Chile here, and here. And my interview with the CEO of StartupChile here). Now they are coming to Dubai in the 15th of Sep to meet new startups that want to join their program. Wither you are a startup from Dubai or Kuwait or any other country you should consider joining this event. Click here to register and see event details.

StartupChile connecting the world

For those that don’t know what’s StartupChile is a program to help early stage startups to stand on their feet, how? They will give US$40,000 for free , mentorship, networking and working with other 20 startups for 6 months in Chile. After the 6 months you can do whatever you want. If you are an early stage startup then you should defiantly consider this opportunity.  I’ll be in the event, let me know if you are coming, see you soon

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  1. Very interesting.. thanks for sharing this… I’ve meet people Startup Chile last March in Austin while I was attending SXSW and I was like JAW DROPPING WOWED!!!!!!!! AMAZING work!!!!!


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