My Story with the Uruguayan President, that you probably missed

You probably missed my post in Wamda about a story that happened to me when I was doing my internship with Endeavor Uruguay. I spent  2 months there during summer 2011 (which was actually winter over there), yet I learned a lot from my experience and met many interesting people over there. During my stay there I decided to send the Uruguayan president a letter to start a relationship between Kuwait and Uruguay. Check the letter below and read the full post to learn what happened.

Click on the link if you had trouble viewing  the letter (A letter to the president)

My Uruguayan friends and colleagues wearing Dishdasha

Jose Mujica

The Kuwaiti diplomats meeting the president in Montevideo, Uruguay

Below is part of my Wamda post, you can read the full post here.

“In the summer of 2011, I did a two-month internship with Endeavor Uruguay. I really loved my experience there, especially the people and the fact that Uruguay won the Copa America football tournament while I was there. To my surprise, however, Kuwait doesn’t have an embassy in Uruguay; the two countries don’t have any kind of diplomatic relationship. But during my time there, I realized that the infrastructure of the….Read the full post here

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