Entrepreneurs Never Lose

Warning: This post is written one shot without any modification, while using my mobile and lying in my bed. Do please excuse the errors, grammar and if the post doesn’t make any sense to you.

Its funny how technology changes things without us noticing. Close your eyes and imagine the following (wait you can’t read with closed eyes, forget it, open them again) imagine you are in 2000 and your friend comes to you and say “this cool guy called Jack Dorsey followed me today, so I followed him back” What the heck!!! Why he was following you in the first place! And why you are so happy about it! Yet this conversation is so normal these days even when you talk to your grandmother.

I was talking with a guy today, he is totally not into tech, he hates social so much that he think there is an opportunity to do a social network for these that hate social network just to hate social networks together (I hope you followed). We where talking about him leaving his job and what options he have, knowing that he is married with a young daughter. Of course I was trying to convince him to do a startup. He have a great idea, but of course he is worried to do such a risky step.

That took us to another discussion, which is how technology is eliminating many jobs and creating new jobs that didn’t exist before. These new jobs require skills that you can’t actually learn at school. Like dealing with social networks, Native Marketing, building Apps, designing a User Experience and User Interface (AKA UX/UI), payment gateways, blogging, user generated content, infographs, SEO, viral marketing and the list goes on and on. Almost all businesses these days involve these elements. And guess what, in the next five years they will just get more and more important.

Being involved in the hiring mode during the last couple of months I realized how scarce is to find someone that did these things before, someone that really knows what he is doing because he did it before and in a successful way. Everyday we learn new stuff at fishfishme because we need to do so to survive, we do mew things that sucks and some other things that pay of. But we keep doing and learning. The amount of knowledge we gain is beyond what we studied at school, college, MBA or CFA.

Everyday I realize more and more how difficult it is to become an entrepreneur. I used to think I knew a lot and I’m ready for this, and everyday I discover new things that scare me of and let go back to my mentors seeking their advice and guidance.

Building a startup is probably the most difficult thing in the world, the things you are going to learn during your journey will be so valuable both for you in your next startup or for your next job. If you succeed then great you are a millionaire. If not, then congratulation, there are tons of companies waiting to hire you. Both ways you win!

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  1. Haddad

     /  August 13, 2013

    Awesome post, man! I like the “following” part. I guess internet successfully turned everybody into a stalker these days. For all enterpreneurs out there – Man Jadda wajad – that’s all I can say.

  2. In spite of the numerous grammatical errors (which you cleverly mention at the start), this was a very powerful post. As someone who is involved in school reform, it speaks volumes to what “21st century skills” we must begin to teach students at all levels. The critical information to learn is not memorize content, but how to use modern tools to access the information when we need it. I also agree that “entrepreneurs never lose”, they just keep on pivoting.


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