Great Interview with Ibrahim Manna

This is for sure the best interview I saw with a startup co-founder in the Middle East. Ibrahim is an entrepreneur that built a previous delivery startup that failed and in the video he is explaining why this happened and how can you avoid it in the future. Also he went into details about the who cycle of his startup and the difficulties in each step. In addition, he talked about something very important that many of us in the Middle East forget, that a startup here is still like a regular business; revenue, expenses and profit is the single most important equation, he says “we are not in silicon valley” (he is right, I think we need to read less of TechCrunch). I know that Ibrahim  moved to Dubai the same time I did to startup his new startup, and I was supposed to meet him actually, but we didn’t at the end. Hope to meet him sometime soon.


I’m very impressed by the quality of the questions and the videos that Ahmad Takatkah made to help us all better understand what it’s like to build a startup in the middle east. You can find more about Ahmed work here I’ll send them both a message to thank them for their efforts.

The interview is an hour long, but seriously I was so engaged that I couldn’t sleep until I finish it. What I like the most was Ibrahim honesty answering the questions. Watch all or part of the interview and let me know what do you think.

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