Why I’m leaving Kuwait to Dubai?! And What’s Going to Happen to StartupQ8?

I’m writing this post sitting in the plane to Dubai. Many asked me why I’m leaving Kuwait? And why I had gave up that easily on startupQ8? And whats going to happen to StartupQ8?


Let’s take it a step by step. First of all, my movement from Kuwait to Dubai is a pure business decision. I moved to Dubai because my customers, suppliers and margins are much bigger there than in Kuwait. Simply said, it’s a bigger market and our gate to become international. Kuwait is a great a place to test your idea, but once you reach a Product Market Fit we believe its time to go after the big fish 🙂 That doesn’t apply for all type of startups (for heavy tech startups the location is unrelivant most of the time, for example do you really care that Google is based in the US or Hong Kong!)

Some will say, ok thats all sounds good, but why you gave up on the startup community and startupQ8 that easily? And what’s going to happen in the future? Well I didn’t really give up on trying to help in building a startup community in Kuwait, but its true that I’ll be much less involved. However, I think I prepared StartupQ8 very well for this moment. Since the beginning of StartupQ8 I believed that I couldn’t change things by myself and that I needed help to get things done. From the early days many should interest to help and I was happy to give them for responsibility and take the lead in many tasks and projects. These memebers were also involved in the decision making and I didn’t make major decisions without their blessing. Mijbel AlQattan, Abdulaziz AlLoghany, Mohammed Almeer, Burhan Khalid and Meshary AlOnaizy and many others are all probably working harder than me in StartupQ8 even when I was in Kuwait (from preparing the event to writing blog posts)
The beauty of StartupQ8 that there is no real leader, whoever show commitment and accept to take responsibility for one task or project, he will have the full control to do so and the rest of us will support him and give him feedback if something is not going so well.

Ok, so StartupQ8 will keep running like nothing has changed, but whats my new role in contributing? Good question, my new role will be on writing weekly posts about my experience setting up my business and life in Dubai, and also bridging the experience and network that I got there back to Kuwait. So that’s about everything, stay tune to the first post about moving to Dubai 🙂

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  1. ALLAH yewafa2ak bro, and we wish you best of luck! Just make sure we see you in ArabNet Summit!
    3amr Mahmoud

  2. ahmed

     /  May 12, 2013

    Welcome to UAE , i did the same thing i moved here since 2 weeks and i had one thought on my mind to have my business one day here , the opportunities here are countless and they encourage you to do so , i don’t know what you have in mind but i hope that we work on some thing together , all the best mate and good luck

  3. Im not very surprised, wish u best of luck! ,, recently ive noticed that many people i know r searching for opportunities outside kuwait, including women, and thats really great, coming from kuwaitis, because many people think that life opportunities only happen in kuwait around ur friends and family, other than that its just not worth it , which is silly! Therefore im happy that the kuwaiti mentality is changing.. Cant wait to follow up on ur experiences there and successes

  4. agustin

     /  August 12, 2013

    What is your bussines in Dubai??


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