Got a Great Idea? Pitch it @ An “Innov-a-thon” event…

TURN8, a program launched by DP World, is an “Idea to Market” accelerator based in Dubai. I recently found out that they are inviting people to pitch their ideas at scheduled Innov-a-thon events or online!

For Schedule:

I checked out their website and services and thought this might be interesting for our StartupQ8 community. If anyone does register and pitch please share with us your experience. Best of luck to all!

P.S. Speacial thanks to my friend Kaveh Gharib, @Kavelicious, who brought this to my attention.

Update: Turns out you can’t view the schedule and register because it is by invite only. Look at the selected dates below and if you’re a Startupq8 member and you’re interested  in any of these events let us know and we will email you an invite. Hopefully next time we will host one in Kuwait.

Innov-a-thon Schedule
Dubai, UAE – May 11
Amman, Jordan – May 13
Cairo, Egypt – May 14
San Francisco, CA – June 29
Dubai, UAE – July 27
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