Great Event in Kuwait Next Week

We just found out about this even that will happen next week (from 16th till 18th of March) in Kuwait that I think everyone interested in Tech and startups should attend. Visit this link to read more and register . I was shocked that so many great names are attending without us knowing!! Anyway below are some of the speakers that I’m excited to see in Kuwait:

  1. Mr. Khalddon Tabaza, Managing Director of iMENA,  Amman Jordan
  2. Wael Attili Co Founder, Think Arabia.  Amman, Jordan
  3. Mr. Kaveh Gharib, Twitter, San Francisco , USA
  4. Mr. Ahmed Alfi, Founder and Chairman of Sawari Ventures, Egypt
  5. Dr. Saad Al-Barrak Chairman,Ila Group
  6. Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Loughani – Venture Capital, Global, Kuwait – our dear friend 🙂


And many other names that I wish I got to meet and chat with. Unfortunately I will be in Dubai at that time, but strongly encourage all entrepreneurs to go there and network with these great and experienced speakers.

Below is the full list of speakers:



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