Why you shouldn’t keep your startup idea secret

Startup Weekend Kuwait just ended last weekend and it was amazingly great, especially that we won the competition 🙂 Now, big part of startup weekend is sharing your idea with everyone while its in a very early stage. Many people is afraid to do this and actually I was supposed to participate with my cousin with one idea, but then he backed up 1 hr before the event just because of this reason.

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Chris Dixon, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote a great post back in 2009 about “Why you shouldn’t keep your startup idea secret“. Below is part of the post that you can read all here.

A frequent question entrepreneurs have when they are just starting their company is:  how secretive should I be about my idea?  My answer:  you should talk about it to almost anyone who will listen.  This includes investors, entrepreneurs, people who work in similar areas, friends, people on the street, the bartender, etc.

There are lots of benefits to talking to people.  You’ll get suggestions for improvements.  You’ll discover flaws and hopefully correct them.   You’ll learn a lot more about the sector/industry.  You’ll learn about competitive products that exist or are being built.  You’ll gauge people’s excitement level for the product and for various features.  You’ll refine your sales and investor pitch.  You might even discover your idea is a bad… continue reading


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