Preparing for Startup Weekend? Here are a couple of workshops to help you out

We’re in the final week of preparation for the inaugural Startup Weekend – Kuwait, and have teamed up with developers and entrepreneurs to bring you two workshops (or bootcamps) to help familiarize you with the event and the tools you will need to build your prototype. Attending these events is NOT mandatory. We’re organizing them to give you a better idea of what to expect during the event.

The first event is on Monday, January 28th. We are teaming up with StartupQ8 OpenCoffee Club to hold an introductory session about Startup Weekend. Topics will include:
  • Pitching your idea: What to include in the 60 second pitch? What is the pitching format?
  • Teamwork: How are teams formed? What happens if the idea is/isn’t picked?
  • Business Model Development: How should the business model be built? Any important criteria for winning pitches?
  • Mentors and coaches: Who will coach at Startup Weekend? What kind of help can be expected?
  • Demo day: What should be in the demo? How to prepare the presentation?
  • Q&A.
We encourage everyone who’s planning to attend Startup Weekend to come. The event will be at 7:30 pm Monday January 28th at Java Detour – Soor Tower, Soor Street, Kuwait City.
The second event is on Wednesday, January 30th. We are teaming up with GDG Kuwait to introduce different development tools you can use during Startup Weekend. Topics will include:

An overview about the various tools that google provide to startups that enable them to:

  • Build their product or app (like App Engine, Android).
  • Measure their users engagement with the product and improve conversions.
  • Enhance their products to be more engaging and convenient for your users.
  • Promote and increase the discovery of their products.
  • Receive payments in their products or apps whether through direct payments or advertising or both.

The we will have a code lab, where we will help you:

  • Get your machine ready to use these tools to build your app during Startup Weekend (SDKs. IDEs, etc .. )
  • Explain selected APIs and Platforms in details and walk you through getting started with them.
We encourage the developers attending Startup Weekend to come. The event will be at 7:30 pm Wednesday January 30th at Java Detour, Soor Tower, Soor Street, Kuwait City.
If you have any questions please let us know. Hope to see you there!
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