StartupQ8 3rd Event – Summary

As usual, the summary of StartupQ8 is here. As you might know by now, the full post is exclusively posted in Below is part of the post:



With Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa

With Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa

“As one of our attendees said, “It can’t get any better.” The 3rd StartupQ8 event went well thanks to our speakers Abdulaziz Al-Loughani, Hoi Wan and Dr. Naif AlMutawa and the more than 70 people who showed up; it was amazing to meet so many young talents and passionate entrepreneurs in Kuwait.

As usual, the event was split into three sessions with three speakers:

1. Early Stage Funding with Abdulaziz AlLoughani

Abdulaziz took stage and started explaining the cycle of funding that startups go through. We further discussed his experience with his previous startup (, one of the most successful startup in Kuwait). The discussion that followed his talk was also interesting and was focused on the lack of smart money in Kuwait.

Below is the full video interview, in addition to my short introduction about StartupQ8 (the sound is bit low, so plug your headphones and increase the volume to the maximum level”……….Click here to continue reading 

StartupQ8 Dec. 2012 (2) StartupQ8 Dec. 2012 (8) StartupQ8 Dec. 2012 (3) StartupQ8 Dec. 2012 (10)

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