StartupQ8 3rd Event: ‘Pre-party’ update

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know StartupQ8 is the official simulcast partner for the Lean Startup Conference in Kuwait. We are thrilled to be broadcasting selected highlights of the conference before our next meetup this coming Saturday.

After reviewing over 7 hours of conference footage, we have selected the most useful and interesting speakers for your viewing pleasure. They are:

  1. Prototyping to Validate a Big Idea at Getaround by Jessica Scorpio (Slides:
  2. I (Heart) Ugly by Lane Halley (Slides:
  3. Secrets of Rapid Mobile App Development by Matt Brezina (Slides:
  4. Failure is Great and Other Myths of the Lean Startup by Andres Glusman (Slides:
  5. Moving Fast While Caring About Design at Hipmunk by Adam Goldstein (No Slides)
  6. Testing MVPs with Crowdfunding by Justin Wilcox (Slides:
  7. Innovation Accounting in Practice by Ash Maurya (Slides:
  8. Lean Marketing by Leah Busque (Slides:
  9. How To Run a 5 Whys (With Humans, Not Robots) by Dan Milstein (Slides:

The speakers we chose offer great content on a variety of subjects. They cover design, mobile app development, product testing and marketing, so there’s something for everyone including people new to the startup scene. Whether you’re running a startup or plan to do so in near future, there’s something to be learned by attending.

The speeches should last a total of 75 minutes. We will be starting at 5:30 pm (not earlier as originally planned) and concluding at 6:45 pm, right before the meetup commences.

Please use the following Eventbrite page to RSVP:

See you Saturday!

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  1. Faisal Al-Mahmeed

     /  December 16, 2012

    Good Morning Guys,

    Thank you very much for the amazing event and networking, well done.
    In my opinion, to make this event even better, we need to see people who already started their business and in the mid process so we can learn more about what are the obstacles and how to deal with them, we would learn more from fresh entrepreneurs in how to deal with the day to day operations, marketing, receiving customers feedback and how to deal with them.

    Of course successful stories are very inspirational as we talk and listen to well experienced people sharing their thoughts with us. But, young fresh entrepreneurs would give us a very clear vision to whats going on in the market.

  2. mijbel

     /  December 16, 2012

    Thanks Faisal, both for your feedback and for coming and supporting us.

    I quite like your idea. I’ll bring it up to the guys in the next organizers’ meeting. Do you have any names you can suggest?


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