Bringing StartupQ8 Blog Back to Life

I want to apologize for writing way less in this blog than I first started . As you might know by now that I have my own startup ( and it’s taking most of my time. Like you guys, I’m starting to feel that the blog is dying little by little, and StartupQ8 becoming just a monthly event. I hate this to happen, I hope we could find a solution for that, and I think we do. I’m happy to announce that we are bringing the blog back to life, thanks to a group of passionate people (StartupQ8 team).

Save life

Starting from next year StartupQ8 blog will probably be one of the best blogs in the region (maybe even in the world!!) posting about entrepreneurship and startups. You will think that I’m exaggerating, well I’m not, and here is why. We are going to try something little bit crazy, I call it the Blog Party. Don’t get so excited, there is no music and no dancing in our party, however there are a lot of people.

The idea is to give people power to post in StartupQ8. That means anyone can post in StartupQ8. Anyone that have a good post related to entrepreneurship and startups should be able to post in StartupQ8, that’s our goal in the long-run.

I had this idea since I started StartupQ8 back on July 2012 (you can read here in the “About StartupQ8” page). Yet, the idea came back to life on our latest StartupQ8 team meeting. We realized that in order to kickstart things we need to start writing ourselves. Moreover, we decided to divide the topics of the blog posts into five different subjects:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Startups
  2. Marketing and Social Media
  3. Funding and Finance
  4. Tech for Non-Techies
  5. Design for Startups

We assigned 1 or 2 persons to write about each topic, they are also responsible to find good writers for these topics. In the beginning we will have 3-4 different writers for each topic, with each writer posting once a month (including myself). This way StartupQ8 will have 3-4 posts every week in 3-4 different topics. We believe if things started to catch up and people started to get excited and undertand how it works, then people will want to join the movement. At that time we should make it completly open for everyone to be able to post.

I must say that I had some concerns about how to control the quality of the content if we made it completly open, but I think with few guidelines and little editing we can get an AMAZING result. We believe this is what innovation and entrepreneurship is about, it’s about being open to trying new things and testing the limits. We hope that this new idea will help foster entrepreneurship in Kuwait and the region and help in creating top-notch entrepreneurs capable of creating GREAT companies that generates millions of dollars, employees thousands of people and adds a lot of value to the whole world 🙂

Special thanks to all of StartupQ8 team (Mijbel, Mohammad, Abdullah, Abdulaziz and Mshary)

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