Can we Change Politics

I always hated politics, I feel it’s the opposite of production and innovation. People arguing and hating each other, things moves slowly, nothing is clear and a lot of talking and no work gets done.

What if we can change how politics works? What if there is a simple solution to all of our political problems? That might sounds crazy, but Stephan Johnson (the author of the book Future Perfect) believes he found the solution. Watch the video below explaining his theory:


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  1. It does kind of sound like a pipe-dream. In democracies, people elect those who govern and legislate, and those elected are supposed to have the bigger picture (based on an influx of high level information) that help them make decisions. If we spread power more and more among what’s labeled as “peers” in the video, can we guarantee that better decisions would be made for all? Different interests and different needs would have to be met, and some of those may clash.

    Maybe I should read the book though for more details.

  2. Yeah not sure how its going to work when making complicated decisions such as Euro crisis or changing the political system. Read the book and let me know 🙂


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