StartupQ8 3rd Event

The 3rd StartupQ8 event will be on the 15th of December and this time we have a big surprise. Dr. Naif Al-Mutuwa is going to be in one of our sessions 🙂 To me personally and with all due respect to all entrepreneurs in Kuwait, I believe that Dr. Naif is the only successful story of a modern entrepreneur we have in Kuwait. And by modern entrepreneur I mean someone who came up with an innovative idea and convert it into a global company that generates millions of dollars, employs thousands of people and adds value to the world. Dr. Naif achieved most of these goals already and more to come.

Sorry I got little bit passionate, but I’m really excited to have him with us, back to the event. So yeah we have Dr. Naif, we will also have Abdulaziz Al Loughani (one of the previous partners at to talk to us about Early Stage Funding and Hoi Wan (an experienced entrepreneur from Hong Kong) to give us a closer look into the startup scene in Hong Kong and what can we learn from it. Below is the full Agenda:

If you can’t view click here please

One more thing, for registration please use this link:  (Registration is for free of course)

The registration is supported by A Kuwaiti website where you can easily find and register in training courses and events. Dawrat is founded by Mohammad AlSuraye and he is also helping us with organizing the event.

Finally we recommend everyone to attend the Lean pre-StartupQ8 session about Lean Startup Conference (from 4PM till 7PM the same day 15th of Dec), the event will be on recorded videos about Lean Startup (we have the exclusive rights to show them in Kuwait) and it’s the biggest event about Lean Startup in the whole world. If you are interested to join, check out our previous post. If you have any questions, please contact the organizer Mijbel AlQattan.

That’s it guys, hope to see you all on the 15th of Dec and please don’t forget to register before you show up. And happy birthday to myself 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

     /  December 16, 2012

    I attended the 3rd seminar and i tell you guys; it was simply AWESOME! I was very impressed about the attendance, location (@Global) and mostly the speakers. The event tells me one thing, that is; the future is bright. Please by this post, you are all invited to the event we (Tisaheel) are organizing, on 23/24 Dec @ GUST from 5 to 9. I sent the e-invitation to Mijbel, who hopefully will post it on the blog. Shoot me an email to:, and i will send the invitation.

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