How Should a Government Invest in Startups?

Back in May the parliament and the government approved a  law to create a US$6B fund to invest in small and medium size businesses. That was a great news right? Yes, but not until you read the new law. I believe that the people who worked in putting this law together know little about startups and in how to create a startup ecosystem. Here I decided to write a report and sit with the Commerce Minister to explain to him my perspective. So I wrote the report, but there was no more government. Shortly after that I decided to start this blog and start posting small parts of the report little by little (check related posts below).

Today I decided to post the full report,  hoping that someone will read it and find it useful. The report was created for Kuwait Fund of SMEs, but I’m sure it can be used by any government considering to invest in startups and to help in establishing a healthy Startup Ecosystem. 

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