The trip to Amman with the Geeks

I just came back from Amman, Jordan. Omar Koudsi (Co-founder of and our mentor in fishfsihme) and Wamda invited me to come to Amman and join a number of events. I went to Amman mainly to meet some mentors and get feedback in our startup and also to meet Omar and Wamda team in person.

The major event was called Mix and Mentor Event that was organized by Wamda and Oasis 500 with the participation of Geeks on a Plane. Geeks on a Plane (or GOAP) are entrepreneurs and investors from the US that make trips to different cities in the world to explore different kind of opportunities. GOAP is lead by Dave McClure and a bunch of other high profile people from the Hi-Tech industry.

I was probably the only guy from the GCC region and Omar was kind enough to invite me to attend all of the special events. The Geeks adopted me in this trip, I was with them most of the time 🙂 I used this time to get some feedback and advice for fishfishme. Below is a video and some photos from my Amman trip, mostly with the Geeks (yes, I’m really bad in recording videos and taking photos): Head Quarter

In Jeeran wearing “Ghitra” or as they call it in Jordan “Hatta” (7a6ah)

In the GOAP Bus

The Geeks from the left Kyle Wild, Jesse and Tim Falls

Wamda Mix N’ Mentors Event

A mentors session, here mentors will help you find your path

From the left Omar Koudsi, Mohhamed Alzubbi and Dave McClure

You can find tons more photos from Wamda Mix N’ Event here.
The trip was amazing and I really loved Amman and the energy around Startups. I think they are 5-6 years in front of other Arab countries in terms of development in the Hi-Tech industry. The quality of the startups over there is just great and I believe they are ready to compete globally. I’m also fortunate to meet in person Omar Koudsi, Habib Haddad, Nina Curley, Dave Mcclure, Alex Polvi, Kyle Wild, Tim Falls and many other interesting people from Jordan and the US. Can wait to back visit Amman again.

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  1. Yes!! Greatness! So good man, at this rate enshalla we’ll see you at the tech crunch disrupt conference in no time enshalla :D!

    Small tip; you’d get better results filming horizontally than vertically. It’s a much more friendly format for editing and viewing :).

    Good job and keep up the good work!

    • Hahaha Alah Kreem.

      Yeah I always forget about that, is there an App to fix that?

      • Not exactly an App, but with IMovie or any movie editor you can “crop” the video into a proper aspect ratio (horizontal), but then you’d lose most of the content (above and below the rectangle). From what I know your best bet is to film horizontally but maybe there’s a way that I don’t know.

  2. starazi

     /  November 11, 2012

    It was a pleasure meeting you here and I hope it was one heck of a trip! Hope to see you again soon!


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