StartupQ8 Event#2

Eid Mubarak everyone. The next StartupQ8 event is getting closer and we are more prepared this time. Below is the event details:

Date: 7/11/2012

Time: 7PM to 9PM

Venue: Global Investment House – (Address here)

Talks and speakers:

1- What is the Lean Startup methodology? and why all startups around the world are starting to follow it? with Mijbel AlQattan, CFA and Head of Business Development at Cubical Services.

2- Let’s learn from Ghana. How did they achieve so much in such a short time? with Michael Szymanski Director of MEST incubator (A Skype Call)

3- Interview and Q&A with  Sulaiman AlTarrah the Co-founder of 965flowers.

On Monday we will post the full agenda.We will also post some of the questions that we will ask to Michael and Sulaiman. We can change or add questions depending on people feedback.

Big thanks to Global for offering us a full floor to support our event and thanks to Abdulaziz Al Loughani for making this happen. Also I’d like to thank all of the speakers that agreed to participate with us.

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  1. This is getting serious mate. Just excellent stuff. Feels like you are making a difference.


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