Give Before You Get

I started reading a book called Startup Community by Brad Feld. I was waiting for this book more than nine months now. The book is about how to establish an Entrepreneurial Community in your city.

I didn’t finish the book yet, but one thing that Brad kept repeating is the importance of following the “Give before you get” philosophy. The idea is to give without waiting for a return. The good part is, if you follow this principal you’ll always get something back without a predefined expectation, usually with something very rewarding.

This is what StartupQ8 is about, it’s about giving and helping each other without waiting to get something back. We will all learn from each other and if you help someone you’ll get something back sooner or later.  The StartupQ8 network will continue to grow and will only get more powerful with time. Everyone is invited to join StartupQ8. Wither you are a college student or a government official, a programer or an investor, a current entrepreneur or potential entrepreneur you are more than welcome to attend or help contribute to startupQ8 event or blog.

However, I want to make it clear that no one is going to make any money from participating in this event. I’m saying this because many people are asking me to make the next event a paid event and some other people are suspicious of my motivations (they always ask “what are you getting back from it?”). Two things I want to make clear:
1- The event will stay Free forever.
2- I don’t make any money from the event or the blog. However, I’m  gaining a lot of non-monetary return (I’m building a great network with investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, media…etc).

I believe in “Give before you get” principal and  some believe it is the secret weapon that made cities like Silicon Valley so successful. I think we should all adapt to this new mentality, otherwise we will never improve or move forward, NEVER.

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  1. Adrian Meli

     /  December 10, 2012

    Words to live by in all parts of life…great post


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