Why It Only Takes One Billion Dollar Company to Build an Ecosystem

Wamda just put up my latest post. In this post I’m trying to explain a theory that demonstrates that to establish a Startup Ecosystem we just need one successful company that leads the way. Just imagine Facebook, Skype or Angry Birds was a Kuwaiti company, how is this going to effect the startup scene here in Kuwait? Please read the full article here.

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  1. Current ‘small projects/business’ funds in Kuwait only accept traditional business models (laundry, restaurant, etc). It’s ridiculous how no one properly recognizes tech start ups in Kuwait! Vietnam, Bostwana, and other third world countries have startup ecosystems already, yet Kuwait doesn’t.

    We do have a surprising number of ‘startup-minded’ people in Kuwait though. We should focus a lot of effort into connecting all of them together through regular meetups and establishing a proper ‘startup movement’ in Kuwait. The change can start with us. What do you think?

    • I totally agree, and actually change should come from us the entrepreneurs not from the government. We should be the Leaders and government, investors and others are the Feeders.

  2. Many thanks for posting this, It?s just what I was researching for on bing. I?d much slightly hear opinions from a person, moderately than a corporate web web page, that?s why I like blogs so significantly. Many thanks


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