StartupQ8 in Numbers

Every 20-30 posts I share some numbers from StartupQ8. We already reached our 65th post and today is time to share some numbers with you all. First let’s begin with the top five pages and posts being viewed in Startupq8 since we started:

So the most viewed post was “Let’s learn from the Angry Birds“, this was a short analysis about the Startup Ecosystem in Finland. That post is also considered the most shared post (more than 40 tweets) and also drived our highest traffic in a single day (reached 614 views in one day).

Secondly, lets see where we get most of our referrals:

I was surprised that we get most of our referrals from Facebook, but then I remembered that happened because sometimes I leave comments in TechCrunch (using my facebook account) to drive some traffic to the blog 🙂 Twitter comes second and Google follows in third place.

Now let’s check where does most of our fans comes from:

USA is still preforming very well, I wish I get to know our frequent readers from USA. I’m also happy to see some frequent viewers from Finland and Estonia that stick with us even after the Angry Birds post. And I’m always happy to see my good friends in Greece and Uruguay continue reading the blog in a daily basis 🙂

Finally, let’s see how much we increased in terms of Average Daily Views. Honestly, things didn’t improve much since we started:

September numbers is distracted by the performance of two extraordinary days. I think without these days our average views will be around 60. I think we are improving in small, but solid basis. I probably need to spend more time in doing some marketing and social media stuff, but honestly it’s super hard to balance the time and effort I spend between my Startup and the blog.

It’s true that I’m not making any money from this blog, but I’m quite happy with the outcome till now. I met many great people (entrepreneurs, investors, team…etc)  and I think we are in the right path to reach our goal to create a Startup Community here in Kuwait.

I’d like to remind you that you can join StartupQ8 movement either as a guest or frequent writer in the blog or to give us an extra hand to organize our monthly StartupQ8 Event. If you like to join, please contact me at

Please subscribe to our email list (you’ll find in the right side bar) or through following us in twitter @startupq8.

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  1. Mohammad MJ

     /  October 5, 2012

    A slow and steady growth is a healthy growth. Keep up the good work!

    عساكم عالقوَة

  2. Great stories. A fan from Greece.

  3. What matters to u the most, to have viewers from all countries ? Or have to most viewers from Kuwait?

    • Well, the idea of creating StartupQ8 is to establish an entrepreneurial community here in Kuwait. So I guess viewers from Kuwait matter more. Still, I think it’s very healthy to give Kuwait a global coverage of what’s happening here in Kuwait in terms of Startups activities. I’ll say the optimal situation is to have 70% Kuwaiti viewers and 30% regional and global viewers.


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