We Are All Teachers

I love it, yes I love the idea of SkillShare.com. The idea that we are all teachers and that anyone can teach what ever they are good at. Moreover, they can make money out of it. I believe in this premise and that’s why StartupQ8 slogan is “Let’s learn from each other”. Watch this intro of Skillshare:

You’ll find all kind of courses such as photography, finance, programming, cooking and graphic design. You can either charge for you class or make it open for free. There are two types of classes: 1- Local class 2- Hybrid class. For a local class, the teacher (which can be anyone) should decide on the venue, class size, number of lectures and how much to charge for the class or if he want to make it open. In the other hand, a Hybrid  Class is open for everyone around the world and it’s learning through doing. So it will be a mix between reading, watching videos, doing a project and discussing it with the teacher and your class mates. I’m currently enrolled with Fred Wilson class “How to Be in Business Forever: A Lesson in Sustainability“. Today was the first class and I already feel much smarter 🙂

Below is an example of one of their courses and a course that my sister might be interested in doing:

Go ahead, give Skillshare a try.

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