The 1st StartupQ8 Event Coverage is Up

Last Wednesday we had the 1st StartupQ8 event. It was a great event and I really enjoyed it and met many great people. I wrote a detailed post about it (maybe too detailed) and post it in Wamda. To check the post please visit or click here.
I have one request, if you went to the event please leave a comment with your feedback about it. Please write your honest opinion, don’t be nice, I promise not to take personally. Also if you have any suggestions for our next event, please let me know.

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  1. Mohammad MJ

     /  October 2, 2012

    على راسي! كفو والله

    • We did this happen, first time I know about it!!! Thanks for sharing.
      BTW I called you yesterday from my friend phone and you didn’t answer. I’m currently in Malaga, Spain 🙂

      • Laaaaaaaa!! Sorry man I had a long day yesterday class and stuff until 9pm and by the time I got back home from Sant Cugat it was past 10 pm already (T_T).

        How long are you staying enshalla? Are you passing by Bcn? 🙂

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