I Joined Wamda Team :)

I’m happy to announce that I joined Wamda.com team as a frequent writer. My job will be to cover the entrepreneurship activity happening in Kuwait and to write  about entrepreneurship in general. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that we are closing StartupQ8.

Wamda is a platform designed to empower entrepreneurs in the MENA region. It is also considered the best online media site covering entrepreneurship and startup activity in the region. Moreover, Wamda is a great resource of data and research studies focused on the MENA. It also invests directly in early stage startups in the MENA region though its Capital Fund.

Wamda is managed by a very highly skilled team led by Fadi Ghandour (Board member at Wamda and founder of Aramex), Habib Haddad (CEO and founder of Yamli.com) and Nina Curley (Chief Editor of Wamda Media). Thanks Nina and Habib for choosing me to join your awesome team.

It is such an honor to join Wamda, and I hope this will help to put Kuwait on the map of the entrepreneurial movement happening in the region.

So if you are a startup based in Kuwait and you think you should be covered by Wamda, please contact me at Startupq8@gmail.com.

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  1. Welcome on board bro 🙂 StartupQ8 is a great initiative and we are excited to have you board


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