Creating a Logo for StartupQ8

My sister always tell me that I should create a new logo for StartupQ8. I thought our current logo was awesome (the one I created in less than 5 min using Power Point), but apparently no one like’s it other than me.

Since StartupQ8 Event is getting very close (this Wednesday), we decided to create a new logo,  and we want you to be part of it!!

How? good question, through 99designs. I just created a competition to create a logo for StartupQ8, soon I’ll get logo’s from designers from all over the world. The best design will win the prize of US$300. But, I need your help to pick the best logo. To give your opinion please follow us in twitter @startupq8 or in instagram  @startupq8 or you can directly go to this link: and look into all of the submission and give your opinion by leaving a comment in this post.

I just published the contest and we already have some logos and it’s looking good.

We are going to announce the winning logo during the event at the 26th of Sep in think cafe at 7:30PM. To know more about the event check this post. Hope to see you all there.

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  1. PSO

     /  September 22, 2012

    My favorite logo this year was a Kuwaiti law firm logo. You might like it

  2. Publibox so far. See you Wednesday.


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