BaseCamp is Awesome For Your Startup

I’m currently using Basecamp to communicate with my other team members Jose, Chrisitian and Krishna. Our team is split between Kuwait and Spain. While it’s currently better for our business to be based in two different regions, it’s very challenging to communicate and follow-up with our day-to-day operations. However, I think we found a way to overcome this problem and probably it’s even better than working together in the same office!! It’s called Basecamp, and it’s very simple. Do you remember the book called Rework written by 37Signals Co-founders, Basecamp is one of their products. Let me take you in a quick tour in Basecamp:

1- The home page is your launchpad for all of your projects. You can easily navigate all of your projects (every box is a project) and  easily add new projects and invite whoever you want by just adding their email.

2- Inside a project you can create discussions and your team can comment inside them and attach stuff. Its similar to an email conversation, but in a much organized way.

3- Other powerful tool is Progress. Here you can follow all activities that happened based on a timeline.

There are many other stuff that you can do in Basecamp such as the Calendar and to-do lists. Basecamp features may sounds very basic and can be done by many other tools such as email for example. That’s true, however the ease of using it and the way it organizes stuff makes your team much more productive. . You can try it right now for 45 days free trail, later you only need to pay US$20/month (for small startups). Basecamp helps you better communicate with your team, increase productivity and may also eliminate the need to have meetings with your team for good 🙂

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  1. Dan

     /  September 17, 2012

    I would recommend checking for an online task & project manager.

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

  2. Did you see Asana and Teambox? Take a look and tell me what you think of them in comparison to base camp

    • I just took a look at them. I think both are awesome, I think Asana is more task oriented and TeamBox is very similar to Basecamp. You can feel that Basecamp are pushing for discussions, thus replace the meeting room. I think TeamBox are aiming toward the same goal, however Asana is more about following up and task management.
      This is my opinion from a first glance at their websites and video.
      Do you know anyone that currently use them?
      BTW I couldn’t find you in twitter, can u add me in Twitter so that I add u back plz.

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