You Are Not StartupQ8!!!

I had a conversation today with my friend Yousif about the twitter account I’m using for the blog. I previously used my personal account as StartupQ8 account, but he thinks that I should use a separate StartupQ8 account because they are two separate things.

Below is part of the conversion that happened with my friend (I used Steve Jobs face to represent Yousif because I think he was very honest and straight forward just like Steve Jobs)

I think he is totally right, it shouldn’t be integrated with my personal twitter account,  and yes, I’m not StartupQ8!! If you read the About StartupQ8 in the top, I wrote this “I’ll start writing in this blog as much as I can, but hopefully later people will also contribute and post things to keep the blog vibrant and alive“. By linking StartupQ8 with my personal account is like saying the blog belongs to me, which it’s exactly the opposite of out I’m trying to achieve. I think part of me wanted to take advantage of the blog to gain more followers in Twitter and this conversation was a wake up call for me.

My only excuse was that I don’t want to manage two accounts at the same time. I just found out that its super easy to switch between two twitter accounts, just click “Switch account:s”:

So starting from now you can follow @startupq8 instead of my personal account to follow the latest action happening in StartupQ8.

It’s great to have friends like Yousif, they put you back in track when you get lost. It’s better to get a frank and honest advice from a friend than from a stranger. Some people find it offending, but I really appreciate that he spent the time to advice me and correct me, that shows that he really cares. Thanks Yousif and Kthar Alah mn amthalik (I’m not sure how to translate this in English, but I’ll give it a try: May God make more people like you)

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  1. To manage multiple accounts, tweetdeck is your best friend. I can access my personal account, startup’s account and facebook all from one platform.

    • Hi Mijbel,

      Yeah I heard about it, you know what, I’ll give it a try today and let you know how it goes.

      Thanks for the advice.


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