Kuwait Hackers

I was lucky enough to get an invitation to attend a special gathering of some of the most talented Hackers in Kuwait. There are two definitions for a Hacker: 1- An enthusiastic and skillful computer programmer. 2- A person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data (Source: Answers.com). Of course these guys are no criminals, actually they are more like Heros (to me at least).

Starting from next Wednesday (the 19th of Sep) they will have 2-3 speakers talking about the latest developments related to coding and programming (mostly technical and hard core coding stuff. Honestly, I only understood 50% of the things they are talking about, still I never get bored!!). Kuwait Hackers event will be held every Wednesday (except for the Wednesday of StartupQ8 Event) starting from next week, and it will be open to everyone interested in this field. I’ll post more about this event next week, but if you are dying to know more, please contact us at Startupq8@gmail.com (I need a new email @startupq8.com, to lazy to do it).

Kuwait Hackers, thanks for having me in your lovely event, I really enjoyed it. See you all next week 🙂

Note: If you know a Geek that never socialize with other people, 24/7 coding and hacking, then please tell him/her about this event. We are very interested to meet them, I think they will have lots of fun in this event. 

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