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I promised that I’m going to share all of the traffic numbers of this blog after each 20-30 posts. We just passed our 40th post so it’s time to share some numbers . I also want to celebrate something, yesterday we had 196 views, which means we passed our previous record of number views in a single day (101 views) . Below is the graph of the traffic during the last 30 days:

As you can see there was a huge jump yesterday and I think its a good case study to learn how we made this jump. As you might know, I wrote a couple of posts 6 days ago titeled  “Let’s learn from Chile“. On the same days I uploaded these posts we only got 30 views per day. But, today we reached 196 views. So how did this happen?

Yesterday there was a post in TechCrunch  titled “China is the Fastest Growing Market for iOS & Andriod Devices, Chile in 2nd“. So what I did is I left a comment in the post, hoping that this will drive some traffic to the blog and also to show my support to Chile (I really wish one day I’ll visit this country and sit with Startup Chile Team). Below is the comment I left:

Watch what happened today and yesterday:

I got most of my views from Chile on the last couple of days, but I also get some good traffic from the US and other countries such as Turkey and Canada.

This is how it looks like now for our all time viewers by country:

In short, leaving a comment in a very popular blog like TechCrunch (2.5M views per day) can generate a lot of traffic to your website if you correctly placed your comment. However, the real question is “How many people will continue visiting your blog or website in the future?” That’s what I’m really interested to know.
I was honored to get that much readers from Chile and from many other interesting countries that I consider as pioneers in creating startup ecosystems. Moreover, I hope they will frequently visit our blog so that they can share with us some of their experiences, thus they help us with building our Startup Ecosystem here in our small country Kuwait.

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  1. Mohammad MJ

     /  August 29, 2012

    Sweet :). Will share the Chile posts with our mates, especially as one of them is just finishing her internship in Chile right now!

  2. but because she remained true to herself and her beliefs, shell grow in a very real, very amazing way. The information will never be enough to handle the unexpected issues. You should make greater effort to be able to handle that.

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