Are You a Cow or a Chicken??

One day a cow and a chicken decided to open a restaurant.

The chicken was supposed to put eggs for breakfast and the cow was supposed to cut pieces of itself to serve steaks. They found out later that the cow is scarifying more, it’s laterally cutting itself for the business to stay alive!!! In the other hand, the chicken was just safely putting eggs. The chicken might be an interesting party, but the cow is much more committed.

This story is interesting because when you start a company in the future (either with your friends or even with your family), you’ll find out later that there are people more committed to the business than others. Honestly, I think I was more like a chicken than a cow in my previous venture. Having chickens in the founding team of a startup will result in some conflicts in the future. These conflicts can be avoided if the founding team discussed these issues early enough to resolve them.

Chickens characteristics:

1) Don’t quit their day jobs, prefer to work part-time

2) Prefer to wait to start their venture only after they receive funding

3) Prefer to play a hands-off chairman role or look to quickly hire a COO/president in the early days rather than operate as the hands-on CEO/president.

4) Are unwilling to fully leverage their own personal and professional networks to drive recruiting, fundraising and business development.

Cows characteristics:

1)Commit to the new company everything they have – even if that means moving their families, quitting their jobs, or even dropping out of their schools.

2)Put themselves “out there” publicly and visibly with the industry, their relationships, family and friends. If the company is a failure, it will not be a quiet one.

So if you are a cow, then try avoiding having chickens from the beginning. And if you are chicken, a first step is to admitted then try to become a real cow.

Disclosure: The real story is between a pig and a chicken. But, since pork is prohibited in Islam, I came up with the Kuwaiti version of the story. Also I copied and used many points from this post in

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  1. Mohammad MJ

     /  August 14, 2012

    Great post, thanks! I guess we can still have a team of cows with some of them maybe committing less? I mean it’s tough for every member of the team to commit equally unless what all members do from the minute they wake up to the minute they sleep is to work non-stop on the venture. Even then some will be more efficient than others.

    But it’s great to highlight chickens because we may think that entrepreneurs will be cows by default but apparently not!


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