Trying To Be Transparent, Trying To Be Different

Yesterday was the 20th post in To celebrate this achievement, I will share with you some traffic numbers and some interesting insights during this exciting experience. I’ll try to share the traffic numbers with StartupQ8 readers in a regular bases (every 20-30 posts), I don’t really know why, but I think its better to be more transparent and to be a bit different.
The average daily views is around 30-35. I know, not much for an awesome blog!! kidding 🙂 These are very normal traffic numbers for such a new blog.
There are some interesting things that happened in this period that I wanted to share with you guys.
The highest number of views we had in one day was 101 views. The post was Burn Your Business Plan and I think the reason is because one of my relatives is a famous blogger and she tweeted about my blog.
In the early days I had a better traffic because I was pushing my friends to retweet about it. I stopped doing this after the first 3 posts and you can see the drop of viewers.
Usually most of the traffic comes from Kuwait and the rest is a mix of other countries. But, there were some shocking days.
Today for example, the highest traffic was coming from the US!!! That’s shocking and causing some embracement!! You see, my English sucks and I usually don’t spend much time to review it. I hope this will change , but honestly I don’t think this will happen any time soon. So please excuse my English.
I think the reason for yesterday high traffic in the US is because of the title  “Must read list for entrepreneurs” and since most of the traffic came from Google search, Linkedin and Twitter. Very happy to have readers from the US and I hope it will continue.
Also it’s very refreshing to see such a diversified traffic from more than 7 countries around the world 🙂
Another nice shock was the high traffic coming from Senagal. Yes, one day I had my highest traffic coming from Senegal, Africa. The post was being shared is “Burn Your Business Plan”. Big HELLOOO to all readers from Senegal 🙂
I’m very happy with the outcome of the blog so far. I wish I get to know more about the readers by exchanging our experiences. Please try to contribute to this blog by writing a post or by leaving a comment. Also don’t hesitate to send any suggestions or advice at
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  1. Mohammad MJ

     /  August 5, 2012

    و منها للأعلى إن شاء الله يالعُبُد

    Valuable information in a great blog, keep up the good work! Enshalla with time this will attract more entrepreneurs (Kuwaitis and otherwise) to share their experiences and enrich the blog even further :).

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