Building a Startup Ecosystem in Q8 – Part#2

I started drafting this post in Power Point then I decided to do the whole post in power point instead of typing it in WordPress (I know some of my friends will laugh so hard when they see this, they know how much I’m obsessed with power point). Todays slides format is an experiment, please let me know if you didn’t like it.

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  1. Mohammad MJ

     /  July 26, 2012

    Great post! Do you think the next step for the following entities can be for them to turn into incubators:
    – Kuwait Small Projects Development Company
    – Industrial Bank of Kuwait (Hirafiyya division? The small projects one)
    – Shira3 (similar to the first but I guess smaller scale?)

    What they are doing now is providing the funding, and maybe a feasibility study. Do you think they can (or should) hire more specialists who can provide mentoring, and offer accepted individuals office space for continuous monitoring and mentoring?

    There needs to be a motive, and that would likely be higher than the share they are taking already, but at the same time it shouldn’t be too high to discourage people.

    • Some great points. The government should not be running the show directly. Even if they hire specialist they will still lack the motive and incentive. That was exactly the problem that Finland faced 3-5 years ago. The government was running the incubators and their incentives were mixed up, they focused in quantity instead of quality.

      The incubator should be based on pure commercial bases, otherwise we will endup funding tons of people just to show the parliament that we are using the money. The government should still be involved, but instead of funding the Startups they should fund the investors.

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