Urban Moon

This is the first post about Startups in Kuwait. The first startup featured is a mobile app called Urban Moon. The post is written by Bader:

UrbanMoonKuwaitGuide has an iPhone app that is very useful … it works as a tour guide for people in Kuwait, where you can just type the name of the location (or choose by category whatever place you want) that you want to go to and the app will bring the address and other contact info directly to you. Actually, I found it excellent for finding the phone number of a delivery-service restaurants or restaurants that you need to call to get your table reserved. They also have an Androidapp and it looks great. This is one of the few good android apps made by a Kuwaiti company which we think is excellent and we encourage everybody out there to try it.

We believe the App has been acquired or sponsored by Watanya, since Watanya logo is now shown ontop of  Urban Moon logo in App store!! Good job Pink Moon team.

If anyone knows more about this please let us know.

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  1. Urban Moon

     /  July 22, 2012

    We have just released an update to the app with major new improvements, check it out.


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