Best Blogs on Hi-tech, Startups and Entrepreneurship – Part 2

Continuing the list of the top 10 blogs below:

5- NirandFar: Nir and Far is a blog about Business, Behavior, and the Brain. This blog is broadly about  “Behavior Engineering”, a topic at the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. I like this blog and the writer (Nir Eyal) because everything this guy says just make complete sense!!! He made me realize how Facebook and Twitter were manipulating with my brain and how other games and stupid apps became successful in short period of time. He also explains some interesting methodologies on how to create successful products by creating habits and behaviors.

4- GigaOm:  GigaOm is one of the most analytical blogs in the Hi-tech field. This blog is mostly focused on Cloud technology and other infrastructure and IT innovations. However, they also have many high quality articles on many interesting topics related to the hot startup scene. OM is refered to the initials of Omar Malik, the name of the founder of the blog.

3- Steve Blank: If you don’t know Steve Blank then you know nothing about entrepreneurship. This guy is considered the guru of entrepreneurship. He is a professor in Stanford, Colombia and Berkeley. He wrote one of the greatest books in the startup field “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” and lately “The Startup Owner’s Manual”. This guy is amazing, he posts everything in his blog, even his class lecture in Stanford, he doesn’t care about anything. I’ll use many of his thoughts in this blog, so you’ll get used to see his name a lot.

2- This is the blog of Fred Wilson, and he is without any doubt best VC investor in the world. He invested in Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and zynga. He started writing in his blog for more than 10 years now and he writes a post ever day since then. His blog is a mine of information specially from the discussions happening after each post. On average he gets a 100 comments for each post. He is considered  one of the most influential and respected people in the Startup ecosystem.

1- TechCrunch: This is the best blog ever. Everything related to Startups can be found here in TechCrunch. All funding activities, acquisitions and all startups news are first published here. I never miss a news in this blog even if I’m traveling. If you read techcrunch then you are at least aware of 80% of things happening in the Startup scene.

And finally of course StartupQ8: Simply the best blog in the world, MOOOHAAAHAAAHAAA

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